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If you have read or seen the Parent-Student Handbook, hopefully, you have read our Mission Statement.† We cannot ignore the foremost reason why we exist as a school.† We value learning about Christ, in order to serve Christ.† Our school's vision reflects these words: The school exists to pass on our Catholic Faith and an excellent education.

We exist, because Christ exists within us.† Once we take Christ out, we fall apart and cease existing.† Everything we do should be done to serve Christ and to praise Him.† As a people who are loved by Christ, we have a long tradition of sacrificing for our school and wanting to continue what was handed down to us.†Not only do we experience Christ in our Masses, prayer services, and religion classes, but we also experience Christ in how we treat each other in the hallways, on the playground, and in the classrooms.†Being Christ-like needs to go beyond the four walls or the four curbs of our school. Being Christ-like extends into our communities and homes.

My hope and prayer is that when people see us on the streets, they will know that our lives were touched by our school; that we exemplify Christís love.† They should know that we are St. Anneís School by how we serve Christ and His people.† With the wonderful administration, faculty, staff, and supportive parents, we are already witnessing our Mission Statement being manifested.† May the Spirit of Christ continue to open the hearts and minds of our children and all who enter our doors, so that our own spirits will be touched by this great love as we exit them.

In Christ,
Fr.Tony Hesse

Parent-Student Handbook
Fr. Anthony Hesse Pastor